We see our selves in several roles:

  • Electronics/Programming Engineers
  • Console modders
  • Struggling Enterpreneurs
We use our
Engineering and Modding experience
to help ourselves in our modding business and at the same time share that knowledge as support for the products that we both use and market to other fellow modders.

By using our own products we identify and understand all possible trouble on both sides:

the product and the user of the product
. That way we can always make sure that our fellow modders' business is running at the same succesfull pace as we want our own business to run.

So far we have succesfully conquered the

v12 fix
market by first answering to the needs our own modding business needed (with all the knowledge and imagination we had) and then sharing all the knowledge with the other modders. We plan to use the same type of strategy for our other products. We strive to make them fit for the market in both features and cost. We will never force anyone to buy the features that our own users would not require. Here You will always find the shortest and cleanest answer to your needs backed by all the engineering and marketing knowledge we have. We wish that
You find here what You need to get Your business rolling :-)

And remember:

Honesty is our main policy