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1. Will the H2O work in all v1-v14 EUR/USA/JAP consoles?


2. Do I need any other fix in v12 consoles then the SubZero fix (either standalone or onboard the H2O mod)?

No, the SubZero fix is a 100% solution backed by both theory and practise.

3. What should I use to keep my v9-v11 console safe from a laser coil burnout?

Do the "Romeo mod" (found on the internet).

4. Are v13 and v14 consoles 100% safe from the laser lens burnouts without any fix?

Yes, the tracking gain is reduced and there is a RS2004FS DC shutdown circuit already on the v13 and v14 boards.

5. What about v1-v8 laser fixes?

None are needed.

6. What is better in your oppinion - PS2 or XBOX?

For games: Ps2 of course, the games are absolutely mesmerizing :D For a second PC: XboX, there is a wide variety of multimedia software available for it ;-)

7. What are the advantages of a modchip over swapping?

Easier use and wider game/media/divx support. Just make sure that you or your installer can handle the responsibility of giving you at least a 3 month warranty. If you are modding more consoles, charge enough to be able to provide a repair/new console to your customer. There is no business like refferals :-)

8. Is a 3 month warranty enough?

Yes, once you are aware that all electronic equipment fails either very early (a few days) due to a manufacturing/modding fault... or very late due to wear and tear. You want to cover the manufacturing/modding faults so both the modder and the customer are sure the job is well done. And let the customer take care of the wear and tear that will occur only after looots of use.

9. How can i test if a console is in a fit state to mod?

For DVDR reading capability: Test a DVDvideo DVDR disc. It must load within 15seconds of the reset. For CDR reading capability: Test a CDR DATA disc. It must give the red "Insert a ....... disc" screen within 15seconds of the reset.

10. What if the console fails the "fit to be modded test"?

If you can repair the lens and you/the customer can bare all the costs compared to a new premodded console - fix it. Otherwise interest the customer or yourself into investing into a slimline ps2 console.

11. Why is investing into a slimline / newest model console smarter?

Because repair parts like the laser lens are readily available and cheaper the nte out-of-production older lenses.

12. What to say to a customer that has their mind poisoned by some other installer - that the slim models are faulty and overheat?

First explain to them about all the laser fixes. And tell them that the other guy is not an engineer/technician but rather a trader that is simply afraid of new things which he can not understand :P

13. I want a chip that will last long, i would rather pay more for something that is more expensive and reliable and will not hurt my console?

All the chips i carry will last the same and i give the same warranty on all. Decide if the extra software features you get with the costlier chips are worth it. If you just want the basic features and ease of use at a lower cost - get the cheaper one.

14. You are modding my ps2 - why are you charging so much while you install the cheapest chip?

Because I give you warranty. If I make money and my business is healthy, I can provide free help to you once you are "my customer". Invest in me for quality work rather then striving that someone else you don't even see here gets most of the profit while I have no room to do most of the work: the install and expert maintinance.

15. Why is the other modder saying that your cheap chips will kill my ps2? (hehehe)

Because he compensates for his lack of responsibility by selling you a more expensive product and not wanting to take the blame himself. Do you want me to charge more? If i had them priced higher - we would not be having this conversation :P

16. Are you saying I can survive as a modder for over a year pushing the H2O chip as the default, cheap, recommended product for all the ps2 models??

YES!! You are the star of the show, not the chip! Remember that ;)