This is our first PCB ever made :-)

It sports an ISP header for easy code testing and hand-programming the chips after assembly.


  • Autoboot
    on all consoles v1-v14, just insert any PS2/PS1 disc / DVDvideo and press RESET! No procedures!
  • DEV1 mode
    on all v1-v14 consoles. The code runs "mc0:/boot/boot.elf" whed DEV mode is executed!
  • Quality PCB
    design with laser-etched solder mask and automated components assembly!
  • Uses latest ICE FINAL
    code (all credits go to the one and only ICE TEAM)!
  • Direct boot
    of any PS2 CDR/DVDR, even multi-elf and Dual Layer DVDR (DVD9) backups!
  • PS1 import fix
    - PS1 games display at full screen!
  • PlayStation2 logo displays perfectly, even custom HomeBrew disc logos display as well!
  • Macro-OFF + green-fix
    for DVDvideo!
  • 20 wires for v1-v8; 21 wires for v9-v14 consoles; 1 additional wire for JAP consoles.
  • CHEAP :-)